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Publicity, Publicity, Publicity

"I've been loving you too long to stop now
You are tired and you want to be free
My love is growing stronger, as you become a habit to me
Oh I've been loving you a little too long
I dont wanna stop now, oh
With you my life,
Has been so wonderful
I can't stop now" --Otis Redding

Listen to Otis Redding croon, "I've Been Loving You Too Long".  I won't give up on you, Quigs.  I will love you forever.

My Crazy Story of the Week

Quigley was featured on This Morning, the national morning talk show, last week on ITV!  Can you believe it?  Click on the link below to see it:

Missing Pet Segment featuring Quigley

Out of thousands of beautiful missing pets who were submitted for inclusion in the segment, Quigley was one of a few chosen for the feature.  For this, I am eternally grateful.  This means that millions of people saw Quigley on television and heard his story.  The viewers are keeping their eyes open and they are aware of his disappearance.  They saw a picture of my beautiful boy and they can help us bring him home.

I am fully aware that it was a stroke of amazing luck.  The only control I had over the situation was in presenting Quigley and his story to the producers of the show.

In case you haven't realised yet, I have a difficult time relinquishing control.  Therefore, I did find some satisfaction in writing a press release and submitting well-chosen photos of Quigley.

Initially, I had some reservations about the repercussions national exposure could bring during the search for Quigley.  You know--false sightings, crazy people following, ransom calls.  We've certainly had them all already.  Did I want more?  When I put the fear aside, I realised that national exposure was one of the best things I could have pursued for Quigley.

I was in tears and screaming out of happiness when I watched his picture and story appear on the television screen last week.  I will be forever thankful to the ITV producers for featuring Quigley on their show.  My family will be forever thankful.

I only hope that the publicity brings us some more information.

Publicity is Key

The Press Release

I probably would have placed this posting further down the line in terms of blogposts, but it ties in so well with Quigley's appearance on television.  I was inspired to share my experience with trying to secure publicity for Quigley.

It took me a lot of time to produce the press release and shop it around to news outlets.  I probably stuck my kids in front of the television for way too many hours in the name of raising Quigley's profile.  But, it was something I felt compelled to do.  The time and energy has paid off in gold as I have been able to greatly increase awareness about Quigley's disappearance locally and further afield.  Initially this exposure brought us sightings and many wonderful helpers.  Now, at the very least, it makes me hopeful that I will get him back eventually or get information that we can investigate in relation to his disappearance.

I believe that the press release was one of the most helpful tools that was in my control to create.  It outlined the most important details regarding Quigley's disappearance and important characteristics about Quigley.  It also identified elements that made Quigley's story unique so that the journalists had an angle to work from when reporting.  I attached at least five very high quality photographs in jpeg format for easy use when submitting to news sources.

Unfortunately or fortunately (I'm not sure which) I had many more unique angles to work with than the average missing dog owner.  Here are a few that were highlighted in my various press releases:


1. Our family has young children (3 and 6) who miss him very much and still wonder about him, daily.

2. Quigley was rescued from a shelter in America and brought to the UK with us when we moved here four years ago.  He is an international dog.

3. He went missing while we were on holiday visiting family in America.

4. He went missing in an area with which he was unfamiliar.  Quigley normally lives in London and he went missing in Oxfordshire.  This is important because he had no point of reference to return to once he went missing.

5. We are relocating back to the USA in a few months and Quigley is still missing.

I took to heart one key element which is important when writing a press release: Making it attractive for any journalist to use.  I remembered reading that some smaller new outlets might publish a press release nearly verbatim if it is written well.

I jam packed my press release with facts in hopes that it would be easy to include as a news story.  In this way, I figured, the journalists could pick and choose what that they thought was useful while simultaneously whittling away what they felt wasn't important to the story.

I just tried my hardest to make the press release as easy and adaptable as possible for a newspaper editor or TV producer to want to include a feature about Quigley.  Then, I was able to tweak it to fit parameters for various news outlets and other outreach ventures that I chose to pursue as targets in raising Quigley's profile.  I included the 5 w's and then put my personal take on it.  The final outcome is not professional by any means but it was helpful for me.  See this simple article below about writing a successful press release:

One of Quigley's Articles in Thame Gazette

Quigley's Press Release for ITV This Morning:


We are heart-broken without Quigley.  He moved to the UK from America with us 3.5 years ago.  He was like our first child and we rescued him from a “kill” shelter in Tennessee. 

Quigley went missing from the Watlington Hills in Oxfordshire when we were in New York visiting family on holiday.  He was with a pet sitter in that area which was unfamiliar to him since we normally live in London.
We have been searching for him daily ever since.
Quigley is a nine year old, neutered, male crossbreed.  He is white with black patches and speckles all over.  He looks like a German Short Haired Pointer/Beagle cross.  He can also look like a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  He is medium sized.   His face and paws have tan mixed in. He has three black spots on his posterior.  He was wearing a red collar when he went missing.
On January 3, when we were alerted that Quigley was missing, we returned immediately to the UK to search for him.  It has become a full time job.  I never could have imagined how upsetting this would be for us.  My 3 and 6 year old children have literally been awake nights crying for him.
Perhaps the most difficult part of this situation is that as American Expats, we must move back to the States at the end of July.  How could we possibly do this without our Quigley?  We have no closure.
We are afraid Quigley might have been picked up by a member of the public.  We just need credible information.  We believe that Quigley is out there and if we get the word out to enough vets, rescue centers and members of the public, we will get the information to bring him home.  
You can search Quigley's page on  His id# is 35889.  Or cut and paste this link:  
You can view footage of him on YouTube by putting Quigley Missing Dog in the search bar.
You can like his page of facebook: quigleymissingdog.
You can follow his blog that I’ve created to impart tips from what I have learned during our search at
We are offering a very large reward for Quigley's safe return or for information leading directly to his safe return.  
Thank you for listening.  Please put him on your show and help us to bring Quigley home.  We won’t give up until we are reunited with him.

Holly Rizzuto Palker (owner)
My phone number
My email address


I uploaded footage of Quigley to YouTube.  Not only did this help raise awareness about his disappearance; but it also helped to verify the credibility of sightings when people called.  We would have them view the footage for verification.

Quigley's YouTube Footage


My wonderful Dad was part of "Team Quigley" for two weeks when he flew in from the USA to help us search.  He was hiking in a wooded area one day where Quigley was thought to have been seen living feral.  He was handing out leaflets to alert walkers, bikers and hikers and he met a wonderful woman.  She was inspired by Quigley's story and she helped me to get some press and an interview on the radio.  She also interviewed me for a local Internet TV station with which she is affiliated.  If my Dad wasn't out spreading the word and networking we wouldn't have gotten this help.  I am still grateful to Beverly for her help in raising Quigley's profile in the Buckinghamshire area.  Here is a link to the interview I had with her on Bucks TV:

Bucks TV interview for Quigley

Get the Word Out to Dog Lovers and People Involved with Dogs

With Team Quigley's help, we brainstormed and thought of many innovative ways to get Quigley's information out to Vets, Rescue Centers, Dog Walkers, Groomers, etc.  Below is a photo from our vet initiative.  Team Quigley got it together.  

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